Do you own a business and want more sales? Are you an individual looking to improve your standard of living?

Steven Michaels, Author of  Barter Tycoon - How To Trade Your Way To Financial Independence
Steven Michaels  Author of
Barter Tycoon – How To Trade Your Way To Financial Independence

You may not realize it but you are probably sitting on a fortune. If you are like most people (and businesses) you have time, energy, talents and assets that are underutilized. These assets can be working for you through the wonderful world of barter.

I’ve created Steven’s Trading Post as FREE service to help you trade what you have for what you want. This includes personal property, real estate, business merchandise, professional services, and much more. Why pay cash for things that you want and need when you can trade for them?

Scan through our classifieds and you will find just about everything under the sun which you can buy through trade. You can trade directly with the sellers or you can use our Trading Post Credits (TPC’s) to make your trading easier.

Example #1: Alice has a car she would like to sell but the economy is down and cash buyers are scarce. She scans our classifieds and discovers that there are many items that she would rather have. She posts her car up for trade and ultimately receives an acceptable trade offer of Trading Post Credits. She then takes the TPC’s and trades them for the items she wanted.

Example #2: Bob is a dentist and he periodically has unfilled appointment time slots. He scans our classifieds and finds a recreational vehicle that he would like to own. He posts his dental services for trade and, after a short period of time, successfully earns enough Trading Post Credits to buy the vehicle.

In the examples above, each seller found buyers for their products and services that they may not have otherwise found. By creating a listing on our site you are able to increase your exposure and multiply your selling opportunities. This means more profits and a higher standard of living.

To learn more about the benefits of trading, click here to get my FREE ebook: Barter Tycoon – How To Trade Your Way To Financial Independence

That’s all there is to it. Create your FREE listing and start prospering today!